Budget fails to make life better for Canadians

Harper chooses provoking an election over helping Canadian families and seniors

With today’s budget, Stephen Harper missed the opportunity to make life more affordable and help Canadian families still recovering from the effects of the recession.

“The budget is a great disappointment for Canadians looking for the Conservatives to stop playing political games and get something done for them,” said New Democrat Leader Jack Layton. “Stephen Harper had an opportunity to address the needs of the hard working middle class families – sadly he chose to provoke an election, instead.”

In an effort to make Parliament work, Layton met with Prime Minister Harper and put forward a set of affordable measures to help Canadians. Unfortunately, the Conservative’s budget did not address New Democrats’ reasonable proposals.

“This budget fails to strengthen CPP, provides no relief for heating bills, and still leaves millions of Canadians without access to a family doctor,” said Layton. “And the GIS increase is a half-measure, leaving tens of thousands seniors still living in poverty.”

“Nothing in this budget has persuaded me that Stephen Harper has changed his ways and is prepared to work with others in Parliament to give middle-class families a break,” said Layton. “Therefore New Democrats will not support the budget as presented.”


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