Time to get things done for Canadians: Layton

NDP says they’re election-ready, but prefer action on HST and public pensions

New Democrat Leader Jack Layton says his party is ready for an election, but he’d rather get things done for Canadians by protecting pensions, reducing skyrocketing home heating bills and helping seniors.

“I’m calling on the other party leaders to stop the partisan games and show a little good old-fashioned Canadian leadership – the kind of practical leadership people are so urgently looking for,” said Layton while speaking at a town hall at the Vancouver Public Library. “If an election comes, New Democrats will be ready to go. But until then, we’re asking Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff to work with us to get some results for Canadians right now.”

Layton has been travelling across the country, listening to Canadians about the challenges they’re facing and talking about how to make life more affordable.

“I’ve heard from parents who’ve had to cut back on groceries, or put less away for their kids’ education, or leave other bills unpaid. It doesn’t have to be this way,” said Layton. “I’ve called on Mr. Harper to work with us to drop the federal tax on home heating and bring back the eco-renovation tax credit — so families can make their homes more efficient and cut their bills even further.”

Layton added that too many Canadians have seen their private pensions evaporate this recession.

“We’re looking for practical, affordable steps – like a small boost to the GIS and a modest increase to the Canada Pension Plan,” said Layton. “This is a crisis. People are looking for action to make it right and getting nothing from the federal Conservatives.”


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