Reality check: Conservatives forestry plans failing

Conservative MPs have been spread across the country to announce investments in the forest industry. No doubt they will be talking about a greener industry and new markets. What they won’t be talking about today is the ongoing crisis in the industry.

The simple fact is that since the conservatives have taken power Canada’s forestry industry has been hemorrhaging jobs. Job losses of almost 40% in some sectors.

According to Labour Force numbers since 2006:

CANADA: 85,400 jobs lost

•Alberta: 5,800 jobs lost
•British Columbia: 19,200 jobs lost
•Quebec: 18,000 jobs lost
•Ontario: 22,500 jobs lost
•New Brunswick: 5,000 jobs lost
In 2006 forestry industry accounted for 2.5% of Canada’s overall GDP. In 2009 that number fell dramatically to 1.7%.

These numbers are the clearest indication of a failing forestry plan by this conservative government.


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