Bell supports call for independent expert review on Raven Coal

The following letter to the editor was submitted on October 26, 2010.

October 26, 2010

Letter to the Editor

The public has clearly demonstrated their interest and concerns regarding the Raven Underground Coal Mine proposed here in the Comox Valley. CoalWatch makes a sound argument for the strongest form of environmental assessment. 

Coal Watch says, “We cannot take this lightly. We need the strongest possible environmental assessment and comprehensive mapping of aquifers in this region before any further consideration is given to the mine proposal.”   And they are correct, we must all, as stewards of the environment speak now and call on the Federal government to  act in the interest of the environment that they have  a duty to protect. 

Vancouver Island North MP- John Duncan needs to listen to his constituents and immediately call on his Cabinet colleague, the Minister of the Environment, to refer this matter to an independent expert review panel. Let’s not let this issue be another case of this government denying the facts to the public to suit their purposes.

Catherine Bell- NDP Candidate, Vancouver Island North


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