New Democrat calls for increased support for seniors

A growing number of Canada’s elderly are finding it harder to make ends meet. Daily costs are increasing and government income support programs are falling short. To make sure that Canada’s seniors are receiving the support they need, New Democrat Seniors and Pensions Critic Wayne Marston (Hamilton East-Stoney Creek) introduced Bill C-564 The Seniors CPI Act. 

“I know from my travels throughout the country, listening to seniors, that there is a need for an immediate and consistent increase to programs like the GIS and the elimination of benefit clawbacks,” said Marston. “After facing a two year freeze of Old Age Security, seniors are telling me that the extra buck fifty this government is giving just isn’t enough.” 

Marston’s bill would mandate that programs such at the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) are indexed to the cost of living. It would bring seniors’ support programs in line with most government support programs, which are already linked to the Consumer Price Index. The Seniors CPI Act would also create a new measure that would take into account purchases that are specific to seniors. 

“From increasing monthly supports to making medications more affordable, New Democrats will continue to push for solutions,” said Marston. “There are many ways the federal government can help and it’s time the Conservatives stopped pretending otherwise.”


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